Recognition of Prior Learning

Inspired Training recognises that participants will have acquired vocational skills from a variety of different sources, other than formal training. These skills are valid, irrespective of how they were acquired. Inspired Training, in accordance with NVR Standard 15.5, offers candidates the opportunity to gain RPL by providing appropriate evidence, to ensure no reduction in the quality or integrity of the AQF qualification. This process further enhances the programme aim by reducing the duration of the programme commensurate to the level of credit granted through previous learning. The stated assessment outcomes in competency based courses for Recognition of Prior Learning will be RPL. Participants who believe they have skills and knowledge that would be covered in the training programs offered by Inspired Training should apply at time of enrolment to have their skills and knowledge assessed and where appropriate have the training program reduced.


Participants can make an application for Recognition of Prior Learning at any time during the training program.


An RPL application pack is available from the National Education and Compliance Manager.


Competency is demonstrated through a portfolio of evidence mapped against the qualification. Inspired Training RPL process is as follows:

1. Indicate on your application form, that you may have RPL’s.

2. Enquire about the process through your Inspired Training Mentor.

3. We will provide you with relevant information relating to the qualification you’re interested in, and the recognition process.

4. Work with your assigned Mentor to prepare a portfolio of evidence.

5. Pay the applicable RPL assessment fee.

6. Submit the portfolio for assessment.

7. Interview with your Inspired Training Mentor.

8. Award of Qualification/SOA, or resubmission of evidence to your Mentor.


Credit Transfer Policy

Credit Transfer is available to all participants enrolling in any of our training programs on our scope of registration.


Credit Transfer – means credit towards a qualification granted to participants on the basis of competency outcomes gained through participation in a nationally recognised training package qualification with another Registered Training Provider as outlined in NVR Standard 12.2.


All credit transfer applicants must sign a permission for enabling Inspired Training to verify any qualifications with the original issuing party or ASQA.


Competency Based Assessment Standards

Competency is the ability to meet particular standards of performance required in the workplace. The standards are developed and endorsed by industry and the specific learning outcomes are detailed in national training packages and accredited courses.


Assessment is the process of determining whether a participant has acquired the competency offered by a particular accredited course and by establishing whether or not they have achieved the standards of performance set down as outcomes of that course. Where relevant, assessment will focus on the performance standard and skill level required in a workplace environment.


Assessment practices are in line with:

  • National Principles of Assessment.
  • The assessment requirements of the endorsed training package.
  • The current standards for the Australian Qualifications Framework.
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