About Us

Who are we?

We are experts in our field. We have years of industry experience in a range of sectors in our field. We have learnt the game, we have played it well and we have played it our way to become industry leaders! We are fiercely passionate about creating amazing industry leaders and mentoring them to excellence.


Why was Inspired Training created?

We have seen new holes in the standards of our profession which saddens us for the profession we love. But we are passionate about making a difference and setting the bar high with exemplary standards for our students and we see it as our mission to produce amazing, job ready industry professionals who are ready to OWN any career advancement. Yes, we have attitude because we are passionate about YOU!


What do we believe:

  • Our purpose is to grow, support and inspire others to be all they can be!
  • We believe in community.
  • We believe in sustainability and environmental matters.
  • Honourable ethics and positive Karma through our intentions.


Ultimately, we are here to Inspire you.

The stages of great Inspiration:

  1. Become inspired.
  2. Guided and supported by like-minded mentors.
  3. When you become Inspired, it speaks to you and calls you to take action.
  4. Your action turns into passion.
  5. Your passion allows you to become an Industry Leader.
  6. And in turn you inspire others to find there passion.
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